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Bhootu 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Bhootu 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aarav's Deep Connection with Pihu's Murder

Bhootu 6th November 2017 Written Episode Update: Aarav’s Deep Connection with Pihu’s Murder.


Suchi angrily walks to board room while Aarav is busy in a meeting and stands in front of him. Aarav thinks what happened to her. Anandita walks to commissioner’s office and shouts why he is protecting Aarav and not pushing him for her daughter’s murder. Commissioner asks if she knows whom she is speaking to. She says he forgot he is speaking to a mother whose 7-year-old daughter was murdered. Commissioner says Aarav is just a suspect and a few days before Pihu’s murder, Aarav and Subodh had a big business fight and Subodh threatened Aarav to make sure he also does not get business deal and will harm his family. Aarav warns him if he tries to interfere in his business or tries to harm his family, he will harm him so much that he cannot even imagine. Out of flashback, commissioner says during

heated argument, anyone can threaten opponent, so Arav is a suspect now. Anandita says he is hiding something and says she will find out truth herself and walks away angrily. Commissioner gets Babli’s call.

Suchi returns home shattered. Pihu gets happy seeing her and asks if he spike about her to khadoos boss and seeing her crying asks if she is hungry. Suchi nods no. Gulgule informs that her boss has come and must have brought her promotion news. Sheetal serves juice to Aarav and says even his mother had come, if it is important. He says he, he has some official work with Suchi. Suchi comes and says she will speak to him tomorrow as she is unwell. Sarla says she is fine, so she can go out. Suchi says she will meet him at office tomorrow but walks with him.

Anandita returns home and asks him why he had a big fight with Aarav, what is the connection between their fight and Pihu’s murder. Subodh gets nervous and says it is not important, even Deboshish can be doubted. She continues questioning him.

Aarav apologizes Suchi and does situps to convince her. Pihu asks Suchi to tell khadoos to do situps properly. Arav says he knows she wants to know about Anandita and says Anandita had come to his house. She asks if he took her number. He says no. She says he knows how much she is searching Anandita. She keeps Aarav’s hand on her head and asks to take oath and tell truth. Aarav thinks he cannot tell Suchi about Pihu, his and Subodh’s past. He retracts back hand and says he does not know Anandita well. Suchi walks away. She returns home and locking Pihu out reads murder file again with Aarav as prime suspect.

Aarav tells mom that he will tell truth to Suchi as he loves and trust her. Mom warns him not to and says she hid this secret since long and she will be in problem and says if he has to choose between secret and Suchi, he has to choose secret. Drama continues.

Precap: Aarav takes Suchi to a godown. She asks what kind of smell is this and sees Anandita unconscious o floor.

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