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Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Dil Dhoondta Hai 28th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Ravi was drunk and sings ‘Saasu ji tu ne meri’ dancing around the crowd. Anjali slaps her hard and she fell on the floor. Vishi and Kavita were concerned, Bella asks him to carry her inside. People at chawl blame Anjali, there is always a drama at Anjali’s house. Anjali always fought with Ravi, else she must never have danced around in such a drunk state. Ajji stops everyone from blaming each other now, she apologizes for ruining the function. Anjali smirks that Ravi’s game has ended today.
Ravi didn’t wake up at home. Vishi says it isn’t what it seems to be and goes outside. Anjali was furious and questions if everyone is serving the one who ruined their respects. Anjali tells Avinash he isn’t worth showing up to anyone. It’s normal in Ravi’s family to drink, but she

didn’t care about their values. She isn’t worth living in their house.
Vishi comes by drink table and steps over the bottle of alcohol.
Ajji asks Anjali why she wants to part Ravi and Vishi. Anjali asks if she had got drunk in front of everyone, what must Ajji had done. She will do the same. Bella and Kavita cheer that Ravi got conscious. Anjali holds Ravi’s hand and says it’s time to get the thread off her hand now. Avinash stops Anjali. Vishi comes home with a bottle of wine and says none at their home and Ravi drink wine. Someone must have made a drink for himself and Ravi took is by mistake, or may be someone deliberately mixed alcohol in her drink. Anjali says Ravi could have done this deliberately. Ravi says she never touched wine. Vishi says Ravi doesn’t drink, and tells Avinash a woman had gone to buy the bottle in a nearby shop. Anjali was nervous. Vishi says there is CCTV footage in the shop, they will watch the video tomorrow. Anjali asks what’s the need for all this, how will they even prove that it was the girl who brought it there. Ravi recalls it was Anjali who presented her with the glass and says there is no need for any further inquiry of the matter. The family assure their trust over Ravi. Ravi holds Anjali’s hand and asks if she trusts her? Anjali dryly says yes. Ajji says she was sure Ravi will come out to be innocent.
At night, Ajji brings Ravi and Anjali to temple and asks Anjali to remove the thread off Ravi’s hand, but not with a bitter heart. She must do it happily and accept Ravi with a happy heart. Anjali breaks the thread curtly. Ajji says she only wants them to keep her family happy. Ravi assures Ajji she will always remain around Anjali. Ajji cheerfully leaves. Ravi confronts Anjali and says she remembers well Anjali presented her the glass. Anjali must have mixed the drink in that glass. She complained about her disgrace, but instead it was Ravi’s disgrace. She respects her and will always do, but she holds her self-respect as important as well. It has been enough now. If Anjali wants to fight, she must continue to. She wish to break the house she must continue her attempts, and Ravi will now join the house.
Later, Anjali comes to meet Sangeeta. Sangeeta asks why she didn’t pick up her call. Anjali says their plan was failed. Sangeeta asks if she can now come to their home. Anjali says not until Ravi has left home. Sangeeta says she and Suresh can’t wait for long, if she doesn’t allow them she will tell the family about Anjali’s planning against Ravi. She has recordings of all their conversations. Anjali was worried.
The next morning, everyone was getting ready for Siddi Vinayak darshan. Anjali tells them to leave, she will check the window. Inside, she calls Sangeeta and confirms about the arrangements. Sangeeta says their men are waiting for them to step out, they will place a knife over her neck right as she steps outside. They will ask her for her jewelry and mangal sooter, she should forbid them. Suresh will then jump in and save her. Anjali was happy that this will confirm her and Suresh’s entry into the house.

PRECAP: Vishi was thankful to Suresh. Ravi asks Sangeeta and Suresh why they had come here. She wonders what Sangeeta and Suresh upto is by taking an entry into the house again.

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