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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 24th October 2017 Latest Episode 02 Written Update

Read Online Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 24th October 2017 Latest Episode 02 Written Update

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 24 October 2017 Episode Written. Star Plus Serial Tu Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 24-10-2017 Episode 02 today written episode, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Serial Latest Episode 24 Oct 2017, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Ahana and Anant leaving. Rehaan calls his GF and leaves. She says I heard good about you. He thanks her. He asks what happened, just Rehaan has talent to irritate. She says he has sent flowers to his ex GF before her marriage. He says oh, so this is the thing, I m glad seeing you fight for family, people fight with own family these days, I have habit to take care of Rehaan, he is my friend’s son, his parents died in a car accident when he was young, I feel one of my three kids won’t grow. She says but your wife, how did you manage. He says kids are on their own, it got easy since Yamini is there.

Roshni asks Yamini to explain. Yamini teaches her the musical note. Roshni plays the piano. Yamini claps and says your dad will be so proud of you. Roshni asks where is he. Yamini says sometimes it gets late. Roshni says yes Mausi, but he can call. Yamini says he knows you are 18 now and will understand if he gets late. Aarav says dad is with his GF, this bouquet has dad’s name. She checks and reads Ahana’s name.

Aarav teases. Roshni says I will ask Rehaan. Aarav says he is also not at home, he went to meet his GF. Ahana applies nail polish to Saloni. She says Rehaan won’t do anything, don’t you trust me. Saloni says I trust you. Ahana jokes. Rehaan and his GF come to some place and greet Tarun. They sit talking. Tarun calls Saloni. Tarun says I m missing you, I m thinking when we…. Ahana says I m also here, please be careful. Tarun says I came for a meeting, guess who is here, Rehaan. Saloni asks did he say anything. T

arun says no, he is with some new girl, I m busy, I will call later, love you. She says love you too, did you get guest list from your dad. He says I asked him, he didn’t finalize. She says mom is in tension. He says I will take care. Ahana says you are worried and Rehaan is with some girl, relax. Saloni says I m relaxed, I will also bangles for your marriage. Ahana asks where is my bracelet, Papa gave it to me, I never remove it. She checks the room.

Laila gets ready. Servant asks are you going to Anant’s house. Laila asks how do I look. Servant says great. Laila leaves. Rehaan flirts with his GF. He says I have work, I can’t come. He asks do you know Ahana and jokes. She asks is she single, what was she doing at florist. He says she can buy flowers for anyone. She says every eligible bachelor would have proposed her till now, there is someone in her life. He leaves. He sees the bracelet and calls his GF out. He keeps the bracelet in glove box. Anant comes home and talks to kids. He says I went to drop a friend. Roshni asks who, Ahana? Yamini says she has sent a bouquet for you. He checks the note and smiles.

Yamini sends Roshni. She sees Anant smiling and goes. Laila’s servant Kittu calls someone and says Laila is coming there to give her daughter’s marriage invitation card to Anant. Roshni hears the maids talking of Laila and Ahana trapping Anant. The maid says Laila is dangerous, I heard she killed her husband. Laila comes to meet Anant. Roshni looks on. Anant is with Aarav. Anant goes to Laila and asks what’s all this gifts. Laila says its my daughter’s marriage, Rahul would have done more if he was here. He asks her to have tea. She orders coffee.

Ahana looks for bracelet. Saloni says I guess its with mom. Kittu says she went to Anant’s house. Laila asks Anant about his daughter Roshni. Roshni comes. Laila says you are so pretty. Roshni says I can talk. Laila says you have grown up now. Roshni gives an answer. Laila says her sense of humor is good. Anant says this is Yamini. Laila says she is governess. Roshni says she is our Mausi. Laila says you would be proud. Anant says you would be proud of your daughters, you managed them alone. Laila says you can understand, its difficult to be a single parent, its Saloni’s marriage, you have to come, else I will feel bad. Roshni says dad doesn’t attend marriages. Laila says then you get him, I m sure he won’t refuse you. She goes.

Ahana says I didn’t check in car. Saloni says you will get it, come and see pics, we look a perfect family. Ahana says its not perfect family, thanks to mom. Saloni asks how much will you look behind, stop blaming mom, mom and dad had problems. Ahana says don’t say if you don’t know. Saloni says I know everything, mom is not like you think, don’t see her with hatred. Ahana recalls seeing Rahul and Laila. Laila says yes I cheated on you, you started this.

Rahul says I can’t think of cheating you, I love you. She says your love was a cheat, you caged me in marriage, you didn’t ask me what I want, do you call this love, you promised me a happy life. He says whatever I have is yours. She says I m not your business partner, I m your wife, its all loss. He asks what did you want. She says I wanted a man, you can’t become one. Ahana looks on. He asks what’s this, our two daughters. She says I see my failure in them. She throws the photo. FB ends. Ahana gets sad.

Laila talks to a fortune teller. He says a person will create hurdle for you. Ahana cuts the pic. She argues with Laila. Laila asks Saloni to call Tarun and ask him about the delay. Tarun says dad, Saloni is waiting for mehendi. His dad says what’s the hurry, give her a pen in hand first.

The New upcoming serial Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara is a serial which may cast a Bollywood Actor Sanjay Kapoor, Smriti Kalra and Niki Aneja Walia in lead role. This is a very big comeback of Sanjay Kapoor after 13 years. This is a Bollywood celebrity who is a brother of Anil Kapoor, uncle of Sonam Kapoor, and Arjun Kapoor too. In this show, the TV actress Smriti Kalra will be playing a role of Ahana who will become Sanjay’s wife in the show. Apart from this, the actress who is named as Niki Aneja. She is the same girl who was playing a role of Dr. Simran in the show Astitva. She will play a role of Smriti Kalra’s mother. Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara is upcoming show on Star Plus which is being produced by Bollywood filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. The show was earlier titled Ishq Gunaah has now been renamed as Dil Sambhal Ja Zara. After Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka, this one is also an adaption of a Turkish drama ‘Aski Memnu’ . In this serial, Ahana Raichand is Rahul Raichands daughter and she is having a stepmother too whose name is Laila Raichand. This Laila is also having a daughter whose name is Saloni Raichand. This Saloni is Rahul and Laila Raichands daughter. On the other side, Anant Mathur is also a big businessman and he is Rahul Raichands friend and a business partner too. In this show, Ahana hates her stepmother Laila Raichand and she is not ready to hear a single word from her.


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