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Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 9th November 2017 Episode 14 Written Update

Read Online Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 9th November 2017 Episode 14 Written Update

Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 9 November 2017 Episode Written. Star Plus Serial Tu Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara 09-11-2017 Episode 14 today written episode, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Serial Latest Episode 09 Nov 2017, Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Roshni saying you are joking. She runs to room. Yamini asks her to open the door. Roshni asks her to leave her alone. She talks to Shweta’s pic. She says I lost dad, he went to the other side of the glass wall. She recalls seeing Shweta across the glass wall and asking Anant to let her meet mummy once. He stops her. She cries.

Rehaan orders chocolates on call and tells a shayari message. He says you have to send it to Ahana. Roshni thinks of Yamini’s words. Its morning, Anant talks to Kavita and Karan. Yamini comes and says Roshni is nowhere. Karan and Kavita look for her. Yamini says i told her about your and Ahana’s marriage, she got much upset. Anant asks servants what the hell is happening, where is Roshni.

Rehaan asks what’s this noise. Yamini says we are not getting Roshni. Rehaan says she is sleeping in my room. He says she came at night and started crying. FB shows Roshni waking up Rehaan. He asks why are you crying. She says I got to know dad doesn’t love me now. Rehaan asks what are you thinking, who does he love. She says he is going to marry. He asks Laila. She says no, her daughter Ahana. He gets shocked. FB ends.

Rehaan says she cried and slept, if I can get a heart attack, how will she deal.
Saloni asks Tarun what’s the problem, we will solve it together. Ahana comes. Saloni asks her to ask Tarun, he is not saying. Ahana says he will say when he wants. Tarun says dad made me leave the house, he is annoyed with…. Laila comes and says Saloni, he got to know about her pregnancy, my house is big as my heart, you guys can stay here.

Aarav slips. Anant runs and falls. Aarav says I m fine. Anant says my strong boy, come. Aarav cares for him. Anant says I can manage, shall I ask something, if anyone comes in my life who worries for me, how will you feel. Aarav says you want to get new mummy. Anant says you got smart. Aarav says I will be glad, will you marry Yamini. Anant says no, I just wanted to know what you think. He sends him to play. He wishes Roshni was also happy with this.

Rehaan asks the man to stop the delivery at Ahana’s house. He sees Ahana’s pic and says there is something in you, you are special, what do you want, why do you want to marry Anant. Anant talks to Ahana and says I want to explain Roshni. Ahana says talk to her, we will think of marriage when she understands. He thanks her.

She hears Tarun talking to his dad on call. Ahana asks what happened. He says dad is adamant, he said he will not agree till Laila returns money. She asks him to relax, he doesn’t have money but sincerity to keep relations, lucky people get a husband like him.

Saloni comes. Ahana and Tarun change the topic. Saloni asks what are you hiding. Ahana jokes. They go. Kavita taunts Karan about Roshni. Karan says I don’t care, why do you care, go and work, I m doing my work. Kavita asks him to take her out. Karan shows Kaka. Kaka asks her to come and work. She says coming dad and goes.

Laila asks Agarwal not to worry, she has no worry. He says it looks you got a jackpot. She says I write my own fate. She leaves. Rehaan comes to Roshni. He says Yamini is calling, what happened. Roshni says take me out. He asks will marriage stop them, just get happy for your dad and stop crying, fine lets go. He asks her to get ready. Anant gets Roshni’s fav made. Roshni comes. She sees the food. She says sorry, I m not hungry. Anant asks her to have something. Roshni says you can’t bribe me, you think I will say yes seeing food. She takes Aarav and goes to Rehaan. Anant says Roshni will never accept my marriage decision, I should tell Ahana, I can’t marry.

Ahana is in temple and tells the Goddess that she will marry Anant, she will take revenge from Laila.

The New upcoming serial Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara is a serial which may cast a Bollywood Actor Sanjay Kapoor, Smriti Kalra and Niki Aneja Walia in lead role. This is a very big comeback of Sanjay Kapoor after 13 years. This is a Bollywood celebrity who is a brother of Anil Kapoor, uncle of Sonam Kapoor, and Arjun Kapoor too. In this show, the TV actress Smriti Kalra will be playing a role of Ahana who will become Sanjay’s wife in the show. Apart from this, the actress who is named as Niki Aneja. She is the same girl who was playing a role of Dr. Simran in the show Astitva. She will play a role of Smriti Kalra’s mother. Dil Sambhal Jaa Zara is upcoming show on Star Plus which is being produced by Bollywood filmmaker Vikram Bhatt. The show was earlier titled Ishq Gunaah has now been renamed as Dil Sambhal Ja Zara. After Kya Qusoor Hai Amala Ka, this one is also an adaption of a Turkish drama ‘Aski Memnu’ . In this serial, Ahana Raichand is Rahul Raichands daughter and she is having a stepmother too whose name is Laila Raichand. This Laila is also having a daughter whose name is Saloni Raichand. This Saloni is Rahul and Laila Raichands daughter. On the other side, Anant Mathur is also a big businessman and he is Rahul Raichands friend and a business partner too. In this show, Ahana hates her stepmother Laila Raichand and she is not ready to hear a single word from her.


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