Dragon Blaze Latest Version 5.0.1 APK Download

Each game has its own gameplay to offer. If you like to solve mystery, this is the game for you. Yes, we are talking about one called Dragon Blaze latest APK 5.0.1 (501). It starts the gameplay with the mystery of endless war for you to solve. It would be challenging for all players. If you are curious about the game, let’s talk some more about it in this opportunity. Who knows this might be the game you are looking for? We will tell you its pros and cons and some tips to take into account too.

Dragon Blaze File Information

Developer: GAMEVIL
Version: 5.0.1 (501)
File size: 32 MB
Uploaded: December 6, 2017 at 10:46AM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.0.3 and up
MD5: 1cbf79f3c101b3c47f18e3d7e3d1ddba
SHA1: 296126963d991a6b0ff94297f8e0265debd1a7bb

Download Dragon Blaze APK 5.0.1

Dragon Blaze review

Yes, the storyline has you to start with certain mystery to solve. You will begin as one of the descendants of Bogen ethnic group. You are the one said to be able to save the world from endless war. The path to solve this mystery sure is not an easy one. It actually is dangerous, in fact. Still, you will get to experience the touching storyline in high quality RPG. This should be something you might hope to expect from every game. Putting depth to the storyline will make us more immersive to it.

Of course, battles are what you will surely become involved in as you go deeper to the storyline. You don’t have to worry though. You are not going to fight alone for you can gather hundreds of alliances to adventure together and fight common enemies. Did you know? You can even make alliance with the characters in the storyline of the game as well. Only in this game, you will get to experience adventuring with ridiculously strong alliance. Try various formations and effects to win your battles.

You shouldn’t be completely clueless about what’s good and what’s bad of one game. Even though people highly recommend it, it does not mean that the game is completely perfect and you are sure that it won’t disappoint you in any way. There is no such game to pick after all. Let’s see this game.


  • Awesome Graphics
  • Helpful Starter Rewards
  • Smart A.I. “Auto” Button
  • Addictive and Fun to Play


  • Auto Battle Through the Game
  • Obtain Rubies Other Way

How to Play

What do we have to do to play the game then? Dragon Blaze for Android will have you to choose the class of our character from choices of Warrior, Archer, Priest, Mage, and Rogue. For the battles, we can summon up to 5 monsters. Make sure to upgrade them to increase their skills in battles. Be thrifty to spend your rubies though. They are needed to increase their skills in a great number too. Complete the quests too for they can give you the obtained gold needed to equip characters with.


  • Skill Card Ticket Restructuring
  • UI Improvements
  • Bug Fixes & Server Stabilization

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