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Ek Deewana Tha 15th November 2017 Episode 18 Written Update

Read Online Ek Deewana Tha 15th November 2017 Episode 18 Written Update

Ek Deewana Tha 15 November 2017 Episode Written. Sony TV Serial Ek Deewana Tha 15-11-2017 Episode 18 today written episode, Serial Ek Deewana Tha Latest 15 Nov 2017 Episode Ek Deewana Tha Written Updates

Sharanya says I do this whenever I feel affection towards someone. She pulls his cheeks sweetly. The ghost stares at Vyom unhappily.

Mr. Bisht is waiting for Aditya. Mrs. Bisht says I was really worried when Rajan spoke of wedding suddenly. Vyom handled it nicely. He nods.

Chandni’s son cannot understand why Rana is insisting upon this marriage so much when Vyom is already on bed. Chandni is sure something is behind all this. Bedi family will be finished. It will be only me and Rajan who will be left. I will be super happy! Aditya has heard them.

Sharanya tells Vyom she is sure something is going on. Look at your condition and all the recent incidents that have happened. He asks for his phone. She gives it to him. He shows her some links online. Dr. Amit was previously involved in some scandal. Vyom says this is what he was telling me. I found this link when I researched. He was a fraudster. It was my mistake to take you to him. You know your mistake. He called you alone and you went.

Try to understand. The world isn’t as simple as you think it to be. He wanted to take advantage of you! She is shocked to realise it. Vyom asks her if he isn’t enough to share her pain. She says it isn’t so. The doors of the ward open suddenly as the ghost walks up to them. He stares at their hands which are on top of one another.

Nurse comes in just then and gives a prescription to Sharanya. She gets up to bring those medicines. He tells her to ask a ward boy to bring it but she tells him to relax. She feels someone’s presence as she walks till the door. Vyom sees her turning and asks her what happened. She shakes her head and leaves. Vyom is sure she will fall in love. Till when will you stop yourself?

Sharanya is walking in the corridor. She hears the sounds of the lights flickering and stops. It is all quiet by the time she turns to look. Mohini pulls her aside just then. Sharanya shouts for security but Mohini tells her to be quiet. I have become a ghost because of that ghost. Sharanya is shocked. Mohini says he is the one following you. He was standing right behind you. She refuses to believe it. The ghost comes there just then scaring Mohini.

He is the one following you. He has come here. I was right. You are not alone. Sharanya call it nonsense but Mohini says he wont leave you. He wont stop following you. No one will help you but I know everything that’s happening with you. He is standing right here. Sharanya asks her what she knows. All the patients and doctors here know it already. I am scared but I wont fall in your trap. Stop following me!

Mohini asks her if she knows everything about Kapali Hills too. Sharanya stops in her tracks. Nurse points at the security. Mohini starts writing something on a piece of paper while trying to avoid them. She throws it for Sharanya before she is pulled away by security. Sharanya picks it up and reads it – don’t be afraid. Come to meet me. That ghost wont leave you. You must come to me. The ghost has read it too.

Mr. And Mrs. Bisht are sure Sharanya will drop Vyom home and then come. Mr. Bisht hopes Madhvi’s attitude towards Sharanya changes. Mrs. Bisht is positive Sharanya will bring those positive changes. Vyom Bhaiya is nice but his family isn’t what they appear to be.

Chandni welcomes Vyom and Sharanya in Bedi House. Rajan tells Vyom to only rest. It will be Sharanya’s responsibility. He goes aside to attend a call. Madhvi tries taking Vyom to his room but he assures her that Sharanya will do so. He turns to Sharanya. Shall we? Sharanya suggests leaving instead. Vyom asks her if he told her to go. She shakes her head. He asks her to come along then. She turns. Vyom holds her hand and takes her with him. Chandni smiles whereas Madhvi seems upset. She storms inside. Chandni says we aren’t that lucky. Her son says don’t know when this family will die. She reprimands him for speaking nonsense like that. We will in trouble if someone hears you. They head inside. Rajan has heard them though.

Vyom asks for hand towel from Sharanya. She gives it to him. She gives him his medicines next. He begins to unbutton his shirt seeing which Sharanya turns feeling embarrassed. He reminds her that she has seen him bare-chested earlier. She suggests calling his mother but he asks her if she cannot be his Ram Dulari for once. She asks him what kind of name this is. He reasons that Ram Dulari is fine for Ramu Kaka. She gives him his t-shirt.

Any other order? He asks her if she will not say to anything that he will ask her to do today. She agrees. He asks her to look at him. She does as told. He requests her to stay close to him and inches closer. She steps back. He says you were speaking of marrying me today and you are backing out when I am stepping closer to you? The ghost looks at him angrily. Sharanya turns to go but Vyom keeps his hand to block her way. She says you said it’s not about physical attraction. You were saying great things that day. He says uncle was upset so I told him Sharanya wont find a better guy than me.

She asks him if it was a sham. He denies. You look very pretty in this colour. I feel romantic. He smiles at her. She requests him to let her go but he holds her hand. I am not as simple as you think me to be. Strong wind blows shocking Sharanya. The ghost is standing right behind Vyom. Sharanya begins to feel cold. I can smell stargazers. He is right here. He has come! He is here. Vyom tells her not to make excuses. Right now, it’s just you and me. You can feel my love and hear my heartbeats. Maybe this is why you are feeling this way. His wound begins to bleed suddenly. She gets concerned hearing him scream in pain. Vyom passes out.

Precap: Sharanya shouts to stop the car. She is standing right in front of the milestone that says Kapali Hills. She feels cold. The ghost extends his hand to reach out to her.

Ek Deewaana Tha is an Indian romance-horror television show on broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television since 23 October 2017. The show is created by Prateek Sharma and is produced by his production company LSD films. The series is starring Namik Paul, Vikram Singh Chauhan and Donal Bisht in lead roles. Ek Deewaana Tha follows the story of Shiv who died in a mysterious accident and his love for Sharanya who is suffering from memory loss (Amnesia) for 2 years due to a coma. After waking up from coma Sharanya doesn’t remember anything that happened to her in the previous 3 years. Vyom, a guy who claims to be Sharanya’s boyfriend is shown but it is still unknown if he is the person who actually loved Sharanya.

Ek Deewana Tha is a Romatic Thriller Story. There will be a Love Triangle Story Between two male and one female. Namik Paul and Vikram Singh Chauhan are playing the male lead role in new serial Ek Deewana Tha. Both of them will fall in love with female lead role played by Donal Bisht. The twist in the story is that Namik is a Ghost. Vikram and Donal loves each other.


Cast :

  • Namik Paul as Shiv
  • Vikram Singh Chauhan as Vyom Bedi
  • Donal Bisht as Sharanya Bisht
  • Amar Upadhyay as Rajan Bedi
  • Jaswinder Gardner as Madhavi Bedi
  • Sachin Parikh as Ram Bisht
  • Mamta Verma as Suman Bisht
  • Gaurav Sareen as Aditya Bisht
  • Delnaaz Irani as Odhni
  • Raymon Kakar as Chandni Bedi
  • Geeta Bisht as Rati Bedi
  • Ayaan Khan as Rab Bedi


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