Haasil 10th November 2017 Episode 10 Written Update

Read Online Haasil 10th November 2017 Episode 10 Written Update

Haasil 10 November 2017 Episode Written. Sony TV Serial Haasil 10-11-2017 Episode 10 today written episode, Serial Haasil Latest 10 Nov 2017 Episode Haasil Written Updates.

Aanchal asks Kabir to leave as she does not want to talk to him. Kabir says who she is in a hurry, when it is a fight for brothers. Aanchal is shocked and asks what did he do to Aman. Kabir says he did not do yet and counts while a speeding truck heads behind Aman’s scooter. Aanchal angrily tries to slap him, but he holds hand. She calls Aman.

Kabir says work is done he thinks. Aman picks call and says nothing happened, school kids were crossing road and a truck stopped suddenly, he asks not to worry he will punish Kabir. Aanchal disconnects call. Kabir says why she is in a hurry, let him hear Aman’s plan. Aanchal holds his collar and angrily warns. Kabir says she came between brothers and now let us see whose brother will be saved. He then says bade told her to apologize, says sorry and leaves.

Next morning, Aanchal jobs on beach reminiscing all the recent incidents. She stops and thinks something is there in this case that she is missing, if Ranvir is really innocent, then why his family is behind her, if he has done crime, why did he spare her, she has to reach this story’s end. She then does yoga in garden and sees Aman’s big photo cutout pointing a direction. She walks ad finds another cutout. She kicks and breaks it and then walks to another cutout with a message that friendship is better than enemity and asks pick gift. She picks it. He asks to attend party for sure.

Kabir enjoys a party with girls on his yacht while Ranvir silently watches. He tells Ranvir that a person searches his happiness and what is he searching. Ranvir says they find happiness which they understand. Aanchal comes on boat. Kabir says happiness came and tells Ranvir seeing Aanchal, he gets mummy type feeling, so gets big bag on party. Ranvir asks why he troubles mummy then. Aanchal comes holding Kabir’s gift and scolds him how dare he is to gift her this gift.

Kabir asks if it is small and says common it is a yacht party and he would gift bikini obviously. Aanchal tells Ranvir that his brother is a cheapster, if they really are brothers, they both are poles apart. Kabir says now she is too much, return his sorry. She throws gift and leaves. Kabir says what wrong did he do. Ranvir says he irked good girl. Kabir says even he is good and will spoil Aachal. Ranvir says he trusts Aanchal. Kabir says let us party.

Aanchal returns to mansion and thinks Kabir did good by throwing party and send her a bikini, let him enjoy there, she will party here. Ranvir is seen return on boat. Aanchal silently enters Ranvir con**minium. Servant comes out and hides. Servant leaves. Aanchal tries to open Ranvir’s laptop, but passwords don’t work. Ranvir walks in and opens door. Aanchal hides. Ranvir closes his laptop sensing Aanchal, stands near window and says TRUST is the password which Aanchal will never understand. Aanchal comes out of her hiding.

Ranvir asks if she took his job as she was sure he raped and murdered Meenu and even got Dharamchand killed, if she does not find anything in laptop, she can call his personal secretary and even then if she does not find any info, she can ask him, he will not hide anything, he thought their enemity will turn into friendship, but he was wrong. She says sorry. He says he checks trust and does not accept apology so easily, Isabelle will make arrangements for her return, walks out. Anchal returns to her room feeling guilty and washes face reminiscing Ranvir’s words.

Ranvir sadly swims in water. Anchal packs her clothes reminiscing Ranvir helping her repeatedly. She writes a letter for Ranvir that she should not have done all this, but..throws paper away. She picks phone and tries to message him but stops. She again scribbles on paper. She throws letter in Ranvir’s room and leaves. Someone crimples letter and throws it. Isabelle tells Aanchal that she broke Ranvir’s trust. Aanchal says she should not have. Isabelle says Ranvir is so generous. Aanchal leaves for airport in a car. Driver drives car rashly. She asks him to drive slowly or stop car, she shouts for help. Driver stops car and reveals he is Kabir.

Precap: Aanchal shaking hands with Ranvir says she is befriending by heart. Ranvir says he dos not know if her friendship is bringing them together or sending them away. Aanchal does scooba diving and Kabir reaches there.

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste’s Suman aka Nikita Dutta will soon be back on TV screen with a romantic thriller, which will also star Bollywood actor Zayed Khan and Vatsal Seth. Haassil is a romantic thriller where Zayed Khan and Vatsal Seth play brothers who fall for the same girl played by Nikita Dutta. This show will mark Zayed Khan’s debut on television while Vatsal was last seen in Life OK’s popular show -Rishton Ka Saudagar -Baazigar.

Actress Sheeba will play the role of Zayed and Vatsal’s mother in the show. The producer of the show Siddharth P. Malhotra is having a special workshop for all the actors before the shoot begins. The show has been written by Samir Arora, who had made Ek Haseena Thi – with the same team. Nikita Dutta shared the sizzling pics from rehearsal on her Instagram account when she met all her co-stars including Zayed Khan and Vatsal Seth for the first time.



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