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Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6th December 2017 Episode 56 Written Update

Read Online Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6th December 2017 Episode 56 Written Update

Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6 December 2017 Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 06-12-2017 Episode 56, Today written episode 06 Dec 2017, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Updates.

Scene 1
Arohi says why did my brother leave me? i don’t know why they are mad at me. Why are they not talking to me? deep hugs her and says dont’ worry. I won’t let any such thing happen. I will solve your problem with them.
Prithvi records it and shows to Tara. Arohi gets a text I want to meet you Vishal.
Tara says I know what is Arohi’s weakness and I will attack that now.

Arohi sees the text. She says should I tell Deep? deep comes and says making tea? Why are you worried? I told you everything will be okay. Arohi says in heart I can’t tell deep or he will get more worried. Arohi says we are under a bad eye. We should get a havan done in the house. Deep says yes I will arrange one.

Scene 2
The havan starts in the house.

Arohi sees Nikhil and Ritu coming in. She is happy. She says I knew you would come. Ritu says where is Niku? Arohi says how would I know? Nikhil says niku has been kidnapped from his school. Ritu says you are the only enemy in this city. You have kidnapped our son. I will call police before that tell me where is niku. Nikhil says you called and threatened me. Arohi says I can’t even imagine to be rude to you in dreams. Nikhil says you said you see what i do. Tell us where is niku or we will call police. Ritu throttles her and says tell me where is my son. Deep says please leave her. Nikhil says we will take you to police. Arohi says okay take me to police. Deep says give me time I will find Niku. Nikhil says you have just one hour. Find my son or I will bring police. Arohi is crying. She says I didn’t do anything. I can never harm Niku. deep says don’t worry. Please be brave. Arohi says I dont know how he is. I am really worried for him. Deep says I will find him out don’t worry. Arohi says did my split personality do it? He says no you are with me all the time. You didn’t do anything. we have one hour we can find him.
Scene 2
Prithvi recalls kidnapping Nikku. He calls Tara and tells her about what deep said. He says deep can’t find him. After one hour police will arrest Arohi. No one should know we are behind it. What should I do to the kid? She says do whatever you want.
DEep comes to Prithvi where is Niku? he says I don’t know at all. You have sent here where I can’t even talk to her. Deep says don’t do acting in front of me. Stay loyal to me or you will pay a price. Tell me where he is? Prithvi says I can’t tell you. Arohi has to be arrested. Deep says now police will ask you where he is. I am calling police and I will tell them you kidnapped him. Prithvi says if I go jail you wont be safe either. Deep says don’t scare me. Prithvi says are you in your senses? Are you doing all this for Arohi? Deep says I am calling police. Dia come and says there is police downstairs to arrest Arohi.

Precap-Laksh says is it true? have you kidnapped Niku? Deep says do you have anyy proof? Arohi says my illness is the proof.

Scene 1
Deep says do you have any proof? Arohi says my illness is the proof. I might be behind this. Let them arrest me. Deep says you were with me all the time. Arohi says let them arrest me. Police arrest her. Laksh gets a call. He says stop. The kidnapper called your brother and asked for 1 crore. Deep says that means someone else kidnapped him. Leave my wife now. Laksh says I might come again. Arohi cries. Deep says don’t worry I will trace them. Prithvi nods at Deep. He recalls Deep asked him to call police and ask for ranson so no one doubts Arohi.

The thug comes to Niku and gives him food. Deep says i have found the location. They are both on their way. Prithvi is the kidnapper. Niku runs from there. He comes in front of Deep’s car. The kidnapper is running


him. Arohi hugs Niku. She says are you okay? Deep runs after the kidnapper. Niku says you will hit me again. Arohi says I will take you home. I can never harm you.
Deep says to Prithvi don’t come in my way. I am going to Arohi’s brother and will remove all the misunderstandings. Dont’ dare doing anything.
Arohi and Deep come to house with Niku. They both hug Niku. Deep says please forgive Arohi. She really loves you all. She was crazy to fund Niku. Nikhil says we all know Arohi is not well. We are the only family she has. He hugs Arohi. Deep smiles. Rity hugs him as well. Laksh comes in. He says family union. Arohi says you came again. Laksh says the real culprit is still at large. We want to take Niku’s statement.
Niku tells that he was going from school and a man kidnapped him. Laksh says to Deep our department couldn’t find the location and you did. You are more efficient than police? Deep says when it hurts heart you work faster. Laksh says soon the kidnapper will be behind bars. Laksh leaves.
Nikhil says thank you for bringing Niku back. Deep saays we would go now. Ritu says no yu have to do dinner with us. Deep says thats better.
Arohi and Ritu go to kitchen. Vishal texts Arohi come to meet me or I will come to your house and ruin your life.
Deep is playing with Niku. Ritu says you really like kids? When are you giving us good news? Deep says that would take some time. Ritu says where is Arohi? Deeop says she didn’t come here.

Scene 2
Arohi comes to meet Vishal. She says why are you interfering my married life? You cheated on me. I am very happy in my life. Deep calls Arohi. She says I am going home you come home asap too please. Nikhil says is everything okay? Deep saays dad is not well. I have to go there. Arohi rushed there too. Nikhil says okay then you should go.

Deep comes home and asks Arohi where were you? She says how much you love me? He says why are you asking me? She says Vishal has been texting me for two days. He said he wanted to meet me. Deep says how can he text you? He cheated on you. He left you. Arohi says i also wanted to the answers. Arohi tells him. When she went there Laksh was there. He said yes I texted you as Vishal. I wanted to know why you married Deep right after Vishal died? Arohi says are you mad? Is he dead? Laksh said you are acting like you don’t know anything. He showed Arohi picture of Vishal’s dead body. Aorhi said how is that possible. Is he dead? I was told he is.. Who killed him? Laksh said his death gave you the biggest benefits. You have killed Vishal. You killed so many people. Arohi says please don’t say that. I have not killed anyone. Laksh said your husband had been trying to save you.
Arohi asked Deep have I murdered all those people and forgot? Please tell me that you had been hiding my sins.

Precap-Laksh gave Arohi Vishal’s suicide note. He said it is Deep’s handwriting ask him why he wrote this. Arohi asks Deep about that note.

The show is produced by yash A Patnaik. The interesting thing of Ishq Me Marjawan serial is that story is much similar to the famous Bollywood film Chaalbaaz which starring Sridevi. In Chaalbaaz movie Sridevi has played a double role, so also in this show, Alisha Panwar plays the double role of twin sisters.
The show is set against the backdrop of Darjeeling. Aleya is a free-spirited girl next door who meets a stranger, falls in love and dreams of settling down with him, much like any other romantic tale. The lead male character will be played by actor Arjun Bijlani who is extremely popular and has a huge fan base. Arjun Bijlani was last seen in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil which went off air just a few months back. Arjun Bijlani will be playing an intense character on this show who will have different shades.


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