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Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6th November 2017 Latest Episode 34 Written Update

Read Online Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6th November 2017 Latest Episode 34 Written Update

Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 6 November 2017 Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 06-11-2017 Episode 34, Today written episode 06 Nov 2017, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Updates.

Scene 1
Everyone is looking for Sanaya. Deep recalls he saw Tara in the room with a vase full of blood. Deep asked what did you do to Sanaya? She says I killed her. She got to know our reality. Deep was dazed. he said are you mad. Why you did that. I ask you so many times. Why don’t you have any control. Tara said she saw us and she knew everything. She wanted to tell Arohi everything. She tells him how she disguised as Arohi and SAnaya told her everything.

It was Tara that she told truth to. Tara said to me its me Tara not Arohi. Sanaya says you are that madam.. Tara said yes. Sanaya said I will tell everyone. Tara said you know all murders in Shimla are done by me. People like you force me to do it. You are next. She slapped Sanaya. Sanaya screamed for help. Tara hits her on head.

She wanted to hit her more. Arohi came there and said Sanaya are you inside? Tara took Sanaya with herself and locked her in the closet. Arohi came in and looked for Sanaya. Tara and Sanaya were in the closet. Arohi said where is Sanaya. Tara suffocated Sanaya to death. Tara says I did this all for you. Deep says okay calm down. Where is the dead body.

We need to hide it. She says I don’t remember. Deep says are you mad? Tell me where she is. Deep says please tell me where she is. Everyone is looking for her. Arohi says when I went to room Sanaya wasn’t there and so wasn’t Dia. Dia says you were there. you were talking to her. Arohi says i never got to speak to her even though I want to. Dia says why would I lie.

Deep texts Prithvi sanaya died. Arohi says she wasn’t in room. Arohi says papa you saw me coming out of Sanaya’s room. She wasn’t there. Prithvi says she wasn’t in room. Sushant says we need to look for her. Deep says Arohi is saying she didn’t meet her. I was looking for her but she is nowhere. Sushant says Arohi has done something. Deep says don’t accuse her. Don’t cross your limits. Check your phones. Everyone says she didn’t text or call anyone. Sushant says tell me where is Sanaya or something really bad would happen.

Prithvi asks Tara where is deadbody please try to recall or we will be stuck. Tara says her dead body.. She recalls she came out when Arohi left. She stabbed Sanaya and killed her. She says i killed her. I killed her with knife. I don’t remember anything else. Prithvi says there is no blood in her room.

Sushant says let to call police. Arohi says yes call police. Thats good. Deep says police won’t come here. They will know a lot of things they shouldn’t. Arohi says deep is right. We will defamed. We can look for her. Maybe she is scared or that she left a letter or something.

Prithvi says did you kill her in closet? Tara says I suffocated her in closet. She must be there. Prithvi texts Deep. Everyone looks for Sanaya. Arohi is going towards Sanaya’s room. Deep tries to stop her. Arohi looks everywhere in her room. She sees her closet. She is about to open it. Deep comes aand says you are so worried lets go on long drive. Arohi says are you mad? Your sister is missing. We need to look for her first I will look for her. She opens the closet and is shocked.

Precap-Someone from Raichand family comes to report Laksh something. Laksh says you here?

The show is produced by yash A Patnaik. The interesting thing of Ishq Me Marjawan serial is that story is much similar to the famous Bollywood film Chaalbaaz which starring Sridevi. In Chaalbaaz movie Sridevi has played a double role, so also in this show, Alisha Panwar plays the double role of twin sisters.
The show is set against the backdrop of Darjeeling. Aleya is a free-spirited girl next door who meets a stranger, falls in love and dreams of settling down with him, much like any other romantic tale. The lead male character will be played by actor Arjun Bijlani who is extremely popular and has a huge fan base. Arjun Bijlani was last seen in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil which went off air just a few months back. Arjun Bijlani will be playing an intense character on this show who will have different shades.


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