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Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 8th November 2017 Episode 36 Written Update

Read Online Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 8th November 2017 Episode 36 Written Update

Ishq Mein Mar Jawan 8 November 2017 Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Ishq Mein Marjawan 08-11-2017 Episode 36, Today written episode 08 Nov 2017, Ishq Mein Mar Jawan Written Updates.

Scene 1
Arohi says deep sanaya texted me. Deep says I think she is safe. Arohi says but she is mad at us. Deep says she will come back. We have to wait for her. Laksh says you can go. They leave.
Arohi says I was so worried for her. Thank God she is fine. Deep says what was Laksh saying? Arohi says he said I was at two places at once. Deep says don’t worry about him I am here. Dog barks. Arohi says why is it barking like that. Laksh asks watchman to take the dog out.

Deep says to Sushant sanaya is fine. Don’t worry. She wants to be alone and we should respect that. Sushant says but she didn’t call. Maya says she is moody don’t worry. Deep and Arohi go to room.
Prithvi says to Deep I found that phone and texted everyone. Tara recalled she threw

Sanaya out. of window. I found her phone there. I have hid the body don’t worry.
Scene 2
Arohi recalls what Laksh said. She says deep was right. That policeman wants to get in be stuck in some case. The dog barks again. Deep says they won’t stay quite. If they get to know she is dead they will expose us. What if Arohi gets to know. Arohi goes out to check the dog. Prithvi says why don’t you get Arohi stuck in Sanaya’s murder. Deeo says will do on right time.
Arohi comes out to see the dog. The dog asks her to follow him. She goes after the dig. He starts digging. Arohi sees a cloth burried in the sand.

Arohi pulls it. She takes the sand off. A hand comes out. Arohi screams. She screams Deep.. Everyone comes there. She says Sanaya is outside I saw her. Deep says what happened? Arohi says Sanaya’s hand. She faints. Everyone comes and asks what happened? Maya says why was she screaming. Dia brings water.

Arohi is asleep in her bed. Prithvi has changed the body’s location. Arohi opens eyes and screams. she says sanaya was outside. Mama.. Maya says she will be back don’t worry. Arohi says Sanaya is dead. Maya says what are you saying. Dia says she just texted. Arohi says I saw her bead body. I saw her. Deep says you are stressed. Sanaya is safe. Arohi says come I will show you. She takes them there and there is a hand. Everyone is shocked. Arohi says see SAnaya’s hand. Please take her out. Prithvi says no this can’t be my sanaya. They dig in the mud. Everyone is shocked.

Precap-Arohi is going somewhere. Laks stops her and says why you look so worried miss Arohi? She says I don’t need to talk to you. he says stop. He sees a dead body in her car.

The show is produced by yash A Patnaik. The interesting thing of Ishq Me Marjawan serial is that story is much similar to the famous Bollywood film Chaalbaaz which starring Sridevi. In Chaalbaaz movie Sridevi has played a double role, so also in this show, Alisha Panwar plays the double role of twin sisters.
The show is set against the backdrop of Darjeeling. Aleya is a free-spirited girl next door who meets a stranger, falls in love and dreams of settling down with him, much like any other romantic tale. The lead male character will be played by actor Arjun Bijlani who is extremely popular and has a huge fan base. Arjun Bijlani was last seen in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil which went off air just a few months back. Arjun Bijlani will be playing an intense character on this show who will have different shades.


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