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Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Scene 1
Laksh says deep left the ash tray which had Arohi’s finger prints? Why would he do that? Is he trying to trap her? Is arohi actually ill? Are there two Arohis?
Arohi comes to doctor. Doctor says write your name. Are you sure your name is Arohi? She says my name is Arohi Kashap I mean Arohi Raichand. He says why Kashapp came before Raichand. She says because I was used to of that before marriage. Doctor says keep writing your name. AARohi says enough. I don’t want to write it anymore. He says you have not forgotten your parents. You can’t get over them. Or you feel that you killed them? Arohi gets angry and says are you mad? What are you saying? Arohi picks the scissors and says are you mad. What are you trying to say. Deep calms her down. He says what

are you doing. Arohi says I don’t feel well.

Laksh meets Nikhil and Ritu. Nikhil tells him everything she did. Laksh says do you think she had some mental illness of forgetting? Ritu says no she is lying. You saw how she hit my son. Nikhil says does anyone in your family have forgetting illness? Ritu says no one has such illness she is pretending. Rity goes in. Nikhil says is she actually not well?

Doctor says to Deep your wife has multiple personality disorder. You saw how much her parent’s death affected her. When she wrote her name she started hating her. She becomes the angry Arohi sometimes who burned your mom’s hand or steals from stores. Arohi runs from there.

Scene 2
Maya says to Dia what is happening? Can Dia actually steal? She doesn’t forget then how she doesn’t remember stealing? Maya says we should go from here I dont know whats happenning. Dia says but he is paying us so much. And he knows all our cases.

Arohi runs on the road. Deep runs after the store. She says let me go. You don’t deserve me. I am a stain on your name. Let me go. He says you are just ill and we can get you treated. I am here for you. I will take you anywhere in the world to treat you. Arohi says no I don’t trust myself. She runs. Deep says Arohi stop or I will kill myself. He keeps standing in front a truck. Arohi hugs him and says what were you doing. Are you maad? Deep says I love you. Arohi says my dream will never come true. You will be happy without me. You don’t deserve me. Deep says I married you. You are mine. You will always be. I will always be with you. I love you. Arohi says I love you too. Deep caresses her face and hugs her. Arohi is crying. Deep calms her down. Tara looks at them. She is angry.

Scene 3
Deep caresses Arohi’s face as she falls asleep. Deep recalls their moment together. Deep says I am here with you. I will always be here for you.
Tara recalls Deep saying I love you to Arohi. She is angry. Prithvi comes to her and says are you okay? She says no.
Arohi says I hope my illness doesn’t take our dreams away. He says I won’t let you fall. I will always be here for you. Nothing bad would happen to again. I will handle everything. They hear some noise. Aorhi says what voice is this.

Tara is breaking stuff in anger. Deep says don’t worry let me check. Arohi says someone is breaking stuff. Prithvi tries to calm tara down.
Deep says Tara stop it. What are you doing. Tara says I think you are now fooling me. You were promising her you will stay with her forever. Deep says calm down. You didn’t see what was happening. She was running I had to stop her.
Arohi says what noise was that? She goes out to check.
Tara says you promised her you will give your life for her. You are lying to me. Are you loving her? i want to kill her right now. Prithvi says sir what madam is saying, is that right? Deep is scared. Tara says answer Deep.

Precap-Deep says I have no room for Arohi in my heart.
Tara says I want proofs. Go and give this medicine to her. I want to see her going crazy.

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