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Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update

Ishq Mein Marjawan 4th December 2017 Written Episode Update.

Scene 1
Arohi says this doctor with you? He stands in front of the cctv footage. Arohi says what are you hiding? Whats behind? Arohi looks behind him. She says who is that? What are you hiding from me? Tara is asleep with her head covered. Arohi says who is she? What are you hiding from me? Deep says lets go from here I will tell you everything. He takes her out. He says i have been running from this truth for so long. I thought if you knew you would leave me.
Deep says Tara you remember? She came back to my life. She said she wanted to marry me. I tried to tell her that I have found the love of my life. She didn’t understand. She started harassing me. Then she harmed herself. So i brought her here so she can be treated. Arohi says I wanna meet Tara. Doctor says you can’t

meet her. She is mentally ill. She attacked our nurses. Arohi says poor Tara. Deep says she is blackmailing me. Arohi says people go that beyond in love. I know I love you. but I understand her pain as well. Please let me meet her once doctor. She goes towards her room. Doctor says no because of you her condition can be worse. Arohi says can I look at her once? Arohi looks inside. She is dazed. She says I feel so bad for her. There is another girl inside. Doctor nods at deep. Arohi says do something for her treatment. She is alone. Deep says I am dazed how understanding you are. Deep hugs her.

Scene 2
Deep and Arohi come home. Prithvi says Deep I want to talk to you its important. Arohi goes to room. Deep says what is it? Pritvhi says where is madam? Deep says she is ssafe. Prithvi says what is more safe than this place? Deep says at mental hospital. She has crossed all the limits. She was going to police. It would have ruined her plan. Prithvi says whose plan? Yours to live with arohi forever? Deep says shut up. I pay you and I know what i need to do. Keep your mouth shut or I will do that.

Laksh comes to Nikhil and Ritu and shows him photo of Vishal. Ritu says he was Arohi’s lover. He left her in the end and he ran. So she had to marry Deep. Laksh says he didn’t run. He was killed on Arohi’s wedding day. Nikhil is dazed. Ritu says maybe Arohi did this. Nikhil says shut up. She is not well. You can’t do this. Nikhil says we have nothing to do with this case. Laksh says dont’ tell anyone I came here.

Scene 3
Tara screams open the door. I want to go out. Prithvi comes in. Tara says who kidnapped me? Prithvi says Deep. She is dazed.
Arohi says to Deep why did you hide it from me? He says I should have told you way before. But I was scared to lose you. Arohi says how did you think I won’t understand you. Its your past. I had a past too.

Tara says Deep is in love with her so he can live with Arohi ever after. He shouldn’t have done this. I will kill her. Prithvi says please calm down. He did this because you were going to police. Tara says I will ruin everything if he goes towards Arohi.
I won’t let anyone else take Deep. Prithvi says please leave Shimla. Tara says so i leave deep with her forever? I will kill that Arohi. No one can take Deep from me.

Precap-Ritu comes to Arohi and says where is Niku?
You are our only enemy. You have kidnapped my son. Tell me or I will kill you. Deep says please calm down what are you saying.

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