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laado 2 9th December 2017 Latest Episode 25 Written Update

Read Online laado 2 9th December 2017 Latest Episode 25 Written Update

Laado Season 2 09 December 2017 25th Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Laado 2 09-12-2017 Episode 25 today written 25th episode, Laado 2 Serial Latest Episode 25 09 Dec 2017, Laado 2 Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Jaydev telling Anu that Amma ji is a mardani and he has become her fan. Anu tells him that she got Dadi’s call and asks him to stop his bike, says there is no network. Just then Jaydev gets Amma ji’s call and gets tensed. Anu asks him to take care and goes to meet Yuvraj. She sees Yuvraj going and throws stone on his way. Yuvraj stops the bike and asks if she is mad to throw stone on him. Anu says we have to go and catch that sheru.

Dhoomal comes to Amma ji and asks where is Revti and says she is missing. Amma ji picks a lathi stick and goes to Revti’s house. Yuvraj asks why did you come when I told you that I am going to search him. Anu says she wants to reach Janvi’s culprits. Yuvraj says I don’t want to be shot by your dadi. Anu says Dadi is strict, and

more concerned for me since Janvi left. Yuvraj’s feet get stuck in the quagmire. Anu helps him come out of it and asks why he didn’t know about it being a villager.
Yuvraj says he stays in Mumbai and is not a resident of the village. He sees her bracelet and keeps in his pocket. Anu tells him that if something had happened to you, then your mum will not spare me. Yuvraj says my parents died when I was four years old. Just then Revti goes on her cycle and collides with Anu. Anu recalls repairing the cycle and tells yuvraj that she is Revti.

Revti leaves her cycle and starts walking recalling the humiliation and Rantej’s words. She goes to the river to commit suicide and is about to jump in it, when Amma ji comes and stops her. Revti asks her to leave her and says I know you wants to help me, but you can’t do anything alone. She asks her to let her die. Amma ji says I have thought what to do and asks her if she heard about Veerpur’s Amma ji. Revti nods yes.

Amma ji says she is Veerpur’s Amma ji and will not let anything happen to her or any girl. Revti hugs her. Amma ji asks her to go home and not to tell anyone. Amma ji plays….. Anu and Yuvraj come near the river and see Amma ji. They get shocked. Amma ji plays….Yuvraj recalls her threat. Amma ji tells Anu, you lied again. Anu says we saw Revti coming here. Amma ji says she is fine. She asks Yuvraj to go. Yuvraj goes. Amma ji tells Anu that she knows that criminals are roaming freely and tells that she needs to be safe. Anu says Janvi was my sister. Amma ji says she was my enemy and asks her to come.

Yuvraj thinks Anu is safe with her Dadi, now I can search Sheru. Balwant tells Rantej that Yuvraj is searching Sheru and gets worried. Rantej says I gave him wrong address, how he will search him. Balwant says you are taking him lightly and says if yuvraj gets Sheru then he will not take time to know that you and your goons killed Janvi then he will not leave you all.

Sheru tells Revti that he did a mistake by just unclothing her, but now he will make her dirty. Amma ji covers his head with cloth and gives stick to Revti. Revti beats him and says you enjoyed playing with my dignity and says today she will damage his eyes. Amma ji damages Sheru’s eyes with hot iron rods. He shouts.

Colors’ channel is all set to bring back the sequel of its ‘cult’ and super-hit show Naa Aana Iss Desh Laado which will be called Laado 2. The show which launched way back in the year 2009 was set in the backdrop of a village Veerpur which was dominated and ruled by a woman, Ammaji. The story talked mostly about women’s rights. The show received huge popularity and starred stalwarts like Meghna Malik, Aditya Redij, Natasha Sharma, Simran Kaur, Vaishnavi Dhanraj.

Casts :
Avika Gor As Anushkha
Palak Jain as Jhanvi
Adhvik Mahajan
Meghna Malik as Ammaji (Bhagwani Devi)
Kanwar Dhillon
Shaleen Malhotra
Shoaib Ibrahim
Ekta Kaul
Ankit Raj
Zalak Desai
Gulfam Khan as Rajoo
Saii Ranade Sane as Meera
Hemaan Chaudhary as Shakti Singh
Dakssh Ajit Singh as Rantej Singh
Rituraj Singh as Balwant Singh

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