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Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Rishta Likhenge Hum Naya 27th November 2017 Written Episode Update

Diya speaks to Ratan over phone and says she will reach him soon. She pops in pain killers and tries to leave when someone locks her room door. Priya wearing pallu is seen in store room checking Kesar mahal’s secret book. She laughs that Diya cannot fail her plan now. Diya sees her room door locked and thinks someone does not want her to meet Ratan. She shouts for help and picks chair to break door when Ratan opens door and asks if she beats her helper with chair. She stops seeing him. Ratan enters with Yash and doctor. Yash says Ratan brought doctor from Jaipur and is worried for her. Ratan says she does not take care of herself, so he brought doc for her. He says doc that he is orthopedician, but if he can control Diya’s anger also. He removes Diya’s shoes and touches

her feet. Serial’s tite song….plays in the background. Doc checks feet and says he will give mild sedative to Diya. Diya says she will fall asleep, so she will not take injection. Ratan says she will sleep for only 1 hour and not to worry about his security, he will be at home tonight. Diya resists. Ratan forcefully holds her and doc injects her. Diya falls asleep saying he did not do right.

Ratan then meets his friends who are busy enjoying snacks and asks him where is his bodyguard. Ratan scolds them to call Diya as Baisa hukum. They apologize. Isha comments against Diya and shows her hatred for Diya. Ratan confronts her and tells his friends let us go now. CT says if he is going out, he should wear sunscreen lotion and sunglasses as Rajasthan’s summer is very hot. Ratan leaves accepting her suggestion.

Priya walks to Diya’s room and trying to hit her with vase laughs that Diya is sound asleep and who will save Ratan now. She drops vase. Bua with Isha walks in and asks Priya what is she doing here. Priya nervously says she is following athithi devo bhava rule. Bua scolds says she does not have to as Diya’s sister is here. Priya walks out nervously. Bua tells Isha that she hates Diya, ut should act and please Diya until at least Mohak gets his right. Once they both leave, Yash rushes to Diya’s room and tries to wake her up saying he got an interpret that enemy will attack Ratanin torture chamber. Diya does not wake up. He himself rushes out to save Ratan.

Ratan takes his friends to torture chamber and shows them all dangerous equipments. He demonstrates each equipment and gets his neck struck in one. Friends get tensed. He laughs and says he was joking. CT reaches and watches silently from a distance, smirking. Priya orders her aide to kill Ratan in torture chamber and make it look like accident. Diya in sleep remembers Yash’s words that Ratan’s life is in danger. She wakes up and consumes coffee powder to ward off her sleep. She then thinks how enemy wants to kill Ratan and reads a puzzle, reminisces enemy in CD repeating same puzzle and realizes enemy wants to kill Ratan with molten wax. She calls Yash to rush to torture chamber soon and runs towards torture chamber. Priya hears her and informs her aide that Diya and Yash are coming there, he should finish his work before they come. Ratan sits under molten wax bucket and smiles. CT smirks and loosens rope.

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