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Shooting bubble is not a new concept of game. Originally, it is one of the oldest games before smartphone era. However, the developer launches Snoopy Pop latest APK 1.15.4 (1293) with new graphic and Peanut character. As usual, you should hit bubble with the same colors as they line in three or more numbers. You have target to release, so focus on shooting the certain part of bubble. Collecting points and other prizes will help player to improve game session. Fun and cute character from Peanut series is another thing that attracts more players to have this game on their smartphone.

Snoopy Pop File Information

Developer: Jam City, Inc.
Version: 1.15.4 (1293)
File size: 96.6 MB
Uploaded: December 7, 2017 at 1:47PM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 5c78f22e7166c2f15eea64754beeec89
SHA1: 578f792b90722f9962b8907fceedc8ae780655a5

Download Snoopy Pop APK 1.15.4

Snoopy Pop review

You have certain objective when playing a game, including Snoopy Pop for Android. The main objective is to release bird from trap after shooting the entire bubble. You can choose characters from Peanut to play this game as the main protagonist. It is not difficult game to play, but you still need to know few basic things. Shooting bubble is not a new concept of game because you will find tons of similar game. What is difference between this game and other? It has interesting graphic as background, so you do not stay in the same area again after finishing one level. That’s make this game more interesting to play.

You need to shoot bubbles based on the same color. When bubbles have a single row of three or more numbers, they will explode. Two bubbles in the same color are not capable to explode. Three are minimum number to reduce bubble amount. It looks simple, but player is in hurry to finish those bubbles because of speed rate to touch the ground. Easy level has slow pacing to reach the ground and it goes faster after you reach the top level. There are hundred levels to accomplish, so you should put certain time to play.

Other features of this game are music from Peanut series, Beach Ball Burst, and some points. You also need to defeat Red Baron to become the Flying Ace. At first level, you only get a few characters, but you will get more after reaching the higher level. This game has interesting and attractive graphic. You will see colorful bubbles alongside Peanut characters.


  • Colorful and attractive graphic.
  • Favorite Peanut characters.
  • It is easy to play.
  • There are features to boost shooting capability.
  • It offers the simple concept.


  • It is not much challenging, except faster rate on bubble.
  • The gameplay is quite similar from one level to others.

Tips to Play

There is no specific skill in this game, except you know how to point on bubbles. As mentioned above, this game relies on faster rate for bubble before reaching the ground area. You only have one purpose for this game: just shoot only bubbles near the target to reduce their amount. Releasing target is priority besides collecting more points. There are some features to increase shooting capability that very useful to apply. Red Baron is the main enemy to defeat. You can finish it alongside shooting bubbles. Do not go hurry to destroy it until you get enough points and supporting features. Some characters will appears after reaching certain levels. You can enjoy similar gameplay with hundred levels on this game.


  • Never give up! Keep on trying during the Unlimited Lives event!

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