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Tu Aashiqui 7th December 2017 Episode 57 Written Update

Read Online Tu Aashiqui 7th December 2017 Episode 57 Written Update

Tu Aashiqui 7 December 2017 Episode Written. Colors TV Serial Tu Aashiqui 07-12-2017 Episode 57 today written episode, Tu Aashiqui Serial Latest Episode 57, 07 Dec 2017, Tu Aashiqui Written Updates.

The Episode starts with Ahaan and Pankti entering the hotel. Vikram comes there and stops Ahaan. Ahaan asks when did you come. Vikram says I want to talk to you, I came from home. Ahaan says I will talk later. Vikram says I have to talk something imp. Ahaan asks Pankti to go in, he will just come. Purva sees the kids eating pizza and smiles. Kid gives her the ring back and says its from my brother’s side. Purva comes and sees Anita praising her in front of Monty. Anita introduces Purva. Purva falls down. Monty looks at her.

He sees the ring and says you are that nice and mad girl, who gave ring to feed the kids. Anita gets angry on Purva. He says I have got the kids here, I came late, Purva is like me, who doesn’t value money. He introduces himself and asks her to sit. Vikram asks Ahaan

about that mistress. Ahaan shouts Vikram and asks him to talk with manners. Vikram gets insulting such girls. Ahaan says stop nonsense. Vikram says you said a lot to my dad. Ahaan says he is a cheap fallen man. Vikram shouts Ahaan and slaps him. He asks how dare you, mom got asthma attack because of you. Ahaan says you know I can’t hurt Sheetal. Vikram says I thought you can never hurt dad, just tell me who is that cheap girl. Ahaan asks who told this, did JD say this. Vikram says yes, now you will tell me who is that cheap girl. Ahaan asks him to shut up. Anita takes the cash from Monty. Pankti comes there and looks on.
Pankti asks where is Purva. Anita says she has gone to earn money, she also got a sold tag, I mean re-sold, JD bought her before and now Monty bought her, his name is very funny, what do you think. Pankti asks again. Anita says I m a cheap fallen man, I have no shame, you want to say this right, don’t interfere in Purva’s work, go and spend time with your lover, sing Aashiqui song. She leaves. Pankti cries. She calls Ahaan.

Ahaan says we will talk later. Vikram says I want to know who is she, why are you taking this personally, are you also interested in her service, tell her name, I will drag her and make her say truth, tell me her name. Ahaan punches his face. Vikram gets angry.

Pankti asks the receptionist about Purva and Monty. The lady says sorry, there is no one by this name. Richa calls Pankti and asks is Ahaan with you. Pankti says yes, he is with Vikram now. Richa says just be with Ahaan, I will reach there, it can be big problem, I can explain anything. The people go out to see a fight. Pankti hears them. Ahaan beats Vikram. Vikram too beats him. They argue. Vikram asks the name of that cheap girl. Pankti and Richa come there and stop their fight.

Richa asks Vikram to stop. Pankti asks Ahaan to stop for her sake. Ahaan stops. Vikram sees Pankti and gets shocked, realizing its her. Pankti asks Ahaan what’s the matter, why is he fighting. Ahaan says nothing. Vikram says I understood, why did you take the matter so personally. He leaves with Richa.

Pankti asks what happened. Ahaan says nothing. They see Anita. Ahaan asks where is Purva. Anita taunts him asking him to leave Purva. She says everyone knows you are JD’s nephew, if you see Purva then… Pankti asks her to think something and talk. Anita says yes, he is also like JD, how will he just stay with one girl. Ahaan asks Pankti how do you stay with her. Anita says I stay well, if you do such things, I will lose everything. She asks Pankti to save herself first, JD would be busy in family matter, he will not leave her, he will come soon. She goes. Ahaan gets angry.

Sheetal asks what happened to Ahaan. Vikram says I will sort it out. Sheetal does the aid to him. He says I have understood everything, come I will drop you to the room. Richa asks Kaira what happened, no one is saying anything. Kaira asks her to take rest.

Ahaan and Pankti try to find Monty. The man asks how do you know Jasmine. Ahaan says I know her, just tell me the room number. She asks him about the fight, did anything happen at home, what is he hiding. Ahaan worries. JD comes to Vikram and asks did you go mad to go and fight with Ahaan, he is your brother, I agree he is behaving strange these days, it doesn’t mean you forget relations. Vikram says he is not behaving strange, he is saying everything true, you have some girl in your life, whom you bought by money. JD gets shocked.

Richa talks to Pankti on call. She says there is some major issue between JD and Ahaan. Ahaan takes the phone from Richa. JD asks Vikram what do you know. Vikram says Ahaan loves Pankti, whom you kept as your mistress. JD gets shocked.

Tu Aashiqui” is a new show on Colors channel and will be produced by producer-director Mahesh Bhatt. In this show we see actress Jannat Zubair Rahmani in a main role. The charming and beautiful teen ager actress was seen as child actor in Colors TV show Phulwa. She will be paired opposite new comer Ritik who will be the male lead of the show. Ritik will portray the role of a musician Ahaan Dhanrajgir. Ritik character is motivated from Aditya Roy Kapur’s in ‘Aashiqui 2’. Both of them have similar personalities. The show’s basic concept is said to be inspired by the Hollywood film ‘Endless Love’.
The show is design as a musical tragic love story. Mahesh Bhatt is involved in the writing and production of the show. ‘Tu Aashiqui ‘also marks the return of Gauri Pradhan. She was last seen as Radhika Madan’s mother in Meri Aashiqi Tumse Hi two years back. She is playing the role of Jannat’s mom and will have a elegant look.



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