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Vainglory latest APK 2.11.0 (65578) is one of the favorite video game. It is an MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game which is published and developed by Super Evil Megacorp. Actually, there are Android and IOS versions which are the simplified version of the PC. For the first, this video game which was released in November 2014 was only for iOS. Then, in July 2015 the Android version was released based on the enthusiasms. The concept of the game is there will be two opposing teams fight each other, and then while defending their path; they have to destroy the enemy. For each team, there will be three players who have different control.

Vainglory File Information

Developer: Super Evil Megacorp
Version: 2.11.0 (65578)
File size: 12.2 MB
Uploaded: December 6, 2017 at 2:19PM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: dfdd637b1b28ef7806cfdd8fdaab7814
SHA1: 97faacfa478e5371f94e11adc9ef347d6bf28f28

Download Vainglory APK 2.11.0

Vainglory review

Vainglory for Android has big appreciation by some reviewers. This video game which is an MOBA video game has the high specs. If you ever played another game, you can quickly familiar with the game. Moreover, it comes with the completed sets as MOBA game. It is the high-quality video game which available with the coolest controls, visuals, and balance.

Although it has the basic concept of video game which is the fight to another team and defeating the enemy, it has the best feature that will make player satisfied in playing this video game. This game is featured with the automated opponents and allies. The rule of the game is you can use your hero to defeat to enemy and fight to the other heroes. Then, you will gain more gold and experience which will increase your hero’s capability.

For the visual display, this game has the coolest show as the video game from the visual effects to the detailed backdrops and heroes. By this greatest visual, you can enjoy more while playing this video game. Moreover, for you who prefer to play the high visual game, it will be the best recommendation. Also, there will be no slowdown even you are playing for the long duration.

Since Vainglory as MOBA game is the mobile simplified version from the PC based version, some might concern on its control. However, all of it has been calculated well. In Android version, the controls are from the menus and taps. In that condition, it will need more accuracy for controlling the game. Once again, this game might be the best one since it is also built with the high touch controls. So, there will be no miss-tapping during the battle goes on.

How to Play

If you are interested in playing this game, you can take some tips to make you win over the opponent. For the first step, you have to learn about your enemy hero. You have to load up a practice match with the opponent to learn about its skill. In that situation, you can only defeat your opponent; there will be no other opponents during the practice match. After that, you can also get the other heroes role. It will make you easier in arranging the strategies. Last, don’t take the minion mine soon.


  • Unleashes the fury of the storm, striking her enemies down with arcs of electricity.
  • Find one for early access to the upcoming Vainglory 5V5 game mode!
  • ‘Winter War’ Varya (Rare)
  • ‘Mall Santa’ Reim (Special Edition)
  • ‘Championship’ Catherine (Special Edition)

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