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While other people play mobile games for entertainment or spending their free time, you can improve your vocabulary by playing Word Connect latest APK 2.139.0 (15). In Google Play Store, the game is listed under Word Category. It is interesting given the game is actually a puzzle game. As it goes with other puzzle games, it will test your brain. By playing this game, you will learn about new vocabulary in fun and exciting way. Despite being puzzle game, you can always play the game casually in your free time. What else does this game has to offer?

Word Connect File Information

Developer: Zentertain
Version: 2.139.0 (15)
File size: 55.2 MB
Uploaded: December 5, 2017 at 4:13PM GMT+07
Requirement: Android 4.1 and up
MD5: 130262967a13afe4bf9e3b518ea681c5
SHA1: a314f84597ebddfcdbe608f4dbfc65ed7c63d7da

Download Word Connect APK 2.139.0

Word Connect review

Word is made of some letters. In order to create words in this game, you will need to arrange the letter. In the gameplay, you will get few jumbled letters. All you need to do is connect the letter into one word. The screen is split into two sections. The lower section is where you have the jumbled letter. Meanwhile, the top section is where the target word you need to make. Between those sections, you will have a place where temporary word is arranged. When you connect the letter to arrange the proper word, it will be removed on top section. That is how you gain a score.

The jumbled letter in the lower section can be arranged into several words. The game provides over two thousand words waiting to be made. The game features difficulty level. You can use easy level to form simple words. Raising the difficulty level will lead you to complicated words with more jumbled letters. You can always go back to particular level where you already complete the words. Unlock the next level to continue the game. If you have difficulty completing the game, you can always hit the help button. It will guide you to get new vocabulary.

The game has wood theme feature that will remind you of your childhood board game. If you do not like the theme, this puzzle game still has six other themes that you can select. Graphics wise, it does not include too much detail more than it needs. The best thing about this game is the offline mode. It allows you to play the game without your device being connected to the internet.


  • It provides nostalgic theme with six addition themes.
  • There is help button feature.
  • It has offline feature as well.


  • There is chance that you might be stuck on particular level.
  • In-app purchase is applied.

Tips to Play the Game

Before you play Word Connect for Android, you might want to have dictionary next to you. The dictionary will help you to find correct letters. During the gameplay, you might discover a new vocabulary. You can use the dictionary to figure out what the new word means.

If you have no idea what the next word is, you can randomly connect the letter and hope for the best. Since the game mechanic will count how many mistake you make, it is important not to draw the connector line unless you are sure about it.


We have added two new languages in the game, Traditional Chinese and Japanese! Also, we’ve heard your feedback and have optimized game performance for an overall funner player experience in this update!

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